Take your ERP to the next level


Each business is unique, we can tailor your ERP solution to match how you do business. 

Mayer Group finds success by taking a consistent and methodical approach to every implementation our years of knowledge allows us to take your software to the next level. Below are some examples of custom solutions that enabled our clients to achieve their goals:



OLAP Cubes For Analytical Reporting

OLAP cubes allow you to analyze your data without the need for custom reports and costly programming fees. Connect to multiple databases (companies) and produce accurate reports swiftly in Microsoft Excel. 

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Streamline your production order processing. This application displays real-time all manufacturing orders that need to be produced. Within a single application: see what needs to be produced, record production quantities and labor as well as allowing for allocating yields of each raw item to its parent product.

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Freight Compare

Extract order Details from your ERP software and simultaneously display freight from multiple carriers with one click of a button.

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IOS Development for Macola

Custom iOS Application that will interact directly with your Macola & Synergy database.

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Collection Call Automation

Create workflows for the collector of the account once an invoice is past due by a set number of days.

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True Bookings

Did you know that if you rely on the Macola Order Bookings report and an order is entered in May and then amended in June that May’s bookings are updated to reflect the activity in June

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Shipment Viewer

Give your shipping department a quick view into their daily production.

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Excel Finacial Entry Upload

Open Microsoft Excel and upload your journal entry directly into Macola, saving the hassle of having to rekey tedious entries.

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