True Bookings

Did you know that if you rely on the Macola Order Bookings report and an order is entered in May and then amended in June that May’s bookings are updated to reflect the activity in June.





That means if a customer places an order at the end of May for $1,000 and calls back in June to double that order before it has shipped then May’s bookings will be reported as $2,000 and June’s bookings will be reported as $0. And, even worse, the May number will vary depending on when the report is generated! 


With the Mayer Group's True Bookings process this is a problem of the past. We utilize Synergy workflows automatically generated using Exact Event Manager and SQL Triggers on the Order Entry tables to accurately track all activity for every sales order to provide consistently accurate booking numbers. Not only do we track changes to the sales amounts for each order but also changes to other critical bookings information such as Sales Person, Project, Customer, Account Classification.


So now you can leverage the power and flexibility of Synergy’s Workflow Pivot Analysis to go from simply printing reports to performing analysis!