Freight Compare for Macola

Freight Compare was developed to give Macola 10, Macola ES, Synergy and Progression users the advantage of quoting freight at the time of order entry!


Give your team a tool that compares all available rate options from multiple carriers (including both parcel and LTL) on a single screen.Consistently apply business rules to calculate total freight charges.Flexible configuration options that allow you to specify your shipping and packaging methods in order to minimize user input & maximize value.Automatically calculate freight charges based on actual and dimensional weights.Ability to quote the total order amount including freight during order entry.Offer your customer an accurate freight cost within seconds.Automatically save selected rate and ship via code to the order header.Compare available freight options on one screen with a single click of a button.Provide a full rate quote, including dimensional rating.See transit times for various services. Ability to include selected accessorial charges.

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