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Macola 10.6 Overview


Macola 10 Software

Macola. ERP and Business software.

Increase the speed and accuracy of doing business in today’s complex manufacturing environment and streamline operations like never before! With the new innovations available in Macola 10, you can easily configure your own workspaces at the user level – without the need for developers or consultants. Turn static data into consumable, usable information, set up business activity monitoring to automatically execute actions when triggers are met, and improve collaboration organization-wide with workflow, document management and customer relationship management capabilities – all included.

Macola 10, offers 24/7 anywhere access via web services and mobile apps, built-in CRM, business intelligence and automated workflows. Macola 10 empowers you to manage core business functions such as project management, finance, HR and CRM, as well as streamline business process management—including automation, workflows and document management.


Macola 10 Consists of Three Main Catagories 

Macola 10 Core Business Functions

Macola 10 Activity Process Management

Macola 10 Personalized Workspaces

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em10OverviewMacola 10 Overview

core-businessCore Business Functions

activity-monitoringActivity & Process Monitoring



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