Our Partners

We have built relationships with the following industry prefered partners. We have had the pleasure of enhancing and streamlining our clients businesses with these solutions that add enhancements to Macola Software Products. 


Wisys - Real-Time Warehouse Management for Macola

The Recommended WMS Solution for Macola Progression, Macola ES and Macola 10

WiSys Real-Time Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows Macola users to record all business transactions at the first touch point in the organization. Adaptable tools automate business processes and allow agile business decisions based on real-time data through: Business Intelligence, Warehouse Management, Production Management, Order Processing, Shipping and Packaging with Pallet Management, and Bin/Serial/Lot control.

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Data Masons Software

Integrated EDI Solutions Made Simple

Vantage Point EDI for Macola and Globe Next, is a cost-effective and reliable gateway for EDI processing, and is well suited for enterprise-level EDI environments.

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SPS Commerce

Cloud EDI for Macola 

Improve efficiency and drive profitability with our cloud-based EDI solutions for Macola. We give you the edge you need to enhance your operations and compete against larger enterprises and win more business.

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Avalara - AvaTax

Leader in sales tax decision automation

Avalara AvaTax connects to Macola and dynamically delivers instantaneous sales tax decisions basedon precise geo-location in more than 10,000 taxing jurisdictions in the U.S. For most businesses sales tax is an obligatory, complex nightmare. Automating this process saves time, money and effort. AvaTax automatically assigns hundreds of thousands of taxability rules and the latest jurisdiction boundaries to deliver the right rate and tax calculation.

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Snyperdyne - Nomad ERP eCommerce

Your eCommerce website is not meant to function simply as an order entry tool.

It should act as a customer service arm of your business, providing the same valuable, up-to-date information that your customer service representatives would provide. This level of efficiency can only be achieved when your back-office ERP data communicates effectively with your eCommerce website. This is the true meaning of Nomad erpCommerce.

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thinkLynq - Manage Factory Demand

Demand Manager, Planning Manager and Workforce Manager 

Enrich the functionality of Macola 10 with a number of unique software applications, which have been written or adopted to address common needs of mid-market manufacturers.